Dubai, Dubai Quite Contrary! How did your city grow?

dubaiI read with rapt attention Parag Khanna’s post on CNN about dubai being the center of the world. According to him, Dubai’s highlights some thirty years ago were a cheap revolving restaurant in the creek district of Deira and the modest gold souk of nearby Sharjah. But what do we have today? The book by Daniel Brook says it better “Dubai has graduated from a village that people just fly over, to an instant city in the desert…..” Considering its geographical location, I just cant but ask myself ‘can something this good come out of a dessert?’ Think about it! I’m done with my own thinking about the transformed city vis-a-vis my dear country – Nigeria (a land supposedly filled with milk and honey) and my only conclusion is an allusion to the Rhyme ‘Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary………’ May be, when we begin to ask such questions about other cities in different countries, only then, will we take seriously the development of our own cities in Nigeria so that we can stop lagging behind as a nation!


2 thoughts on “Dubai, Dubai Quite Contrary! How did your city grow?

    1. i cant agree less pal. and you know what, this generation of ours is ready to do everything possible to make Nigeria happen for good!

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