Are you being spied on? Join Piers Morgan for a discussion on surveillance and privacy

I think there are two sides to this coin of cyber surveillance or whatever it’ called. If citizens expect so much as security from their government, then they should at least give room for some action/inaction (but then, in a responsible manner that does not infringe on human rights). So, I really don’t think there should be much ado bout data mining/unearthing for that matter. However, that’s something to say for the US of A, I can’t so much speak in such manner for my dear country where stuffs like data/records are easily bungled (no insult intended, it’s just the reality of the society I live; and I stand to be corrected). So please, can Americans stop this much ado about data mining less their government takes it further to data unearthing!

Piers Morgan

Is anything private? Are you being spied on? Is there privacy in American life? Is Big Brother watching you? These are just some of the questions we’ll look to answer as news emerges of the National Security Agency’s collection of phone data along with much more information from a program known as PRISM.

If you are in the New York City area and are available from 6:45-10 p.m. ET Monday, June 10, we’d love for you to join us as we discuss NSA surveillance.

For free tickets to attend the live studio audience of “Piers Morgan Live” please fill out this form.

Deadline to respond is Sunday, June 9 at 9p.m. ET. Must be 18 or older to attend.

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