Marriage and Its Attendant Palava!

Different Strokes for Different Folks

A new look at the concept of marriage nowadays already speaks volume about its being different strokes for different folks, having changed from the popular traditional union between a man and a woman to wedlock of the gods (or do you have a better phrase for the union of two men?).

While the law of some lands have forbidden outcry against the strokes of shame displayed in wedlock of the gods and have further pacified them with innocent sacrificial lambs; I cannot help but imagine if the same law will be able to spare these fairies when the inevitable fire of marriage begins to raze their fairyland?’ Well, that is that for those folks; for a goddess like me, it is a different stroke entirely – the thoughts of marriage has suddenly become the beginning of sleepless nights!

Why? You may ask, it is because I have come to the full realization that there are plenty palava tied closely to the before and after the famous ‘I do’. And as a ripe single, ready for plucking lady; I have my own share of ‘tales by moonlight’ in which I happened to be the lead actress.

My Story

Back in the days when ladies were girls, I used to enthuse about marriage, thinking it is one cheap course I will never carry over; only to realize recently that I was not studious enough and I had failed woefully with my 10-year relationship falling apart! Unlike ‘Humpty Dumpty’ though, I was able to put together pieces of my broken heart.

And so with courteous steps, I stepped forward to try new waters. Were they too cold for comfort? Not at all, except I almost drowned in pains; not from a heart break, but from an ‘ugly-ducky-head’ called ‘age barrier!’ It was one bitter pill that was hard to swallow so much so that all I could think of was Tina Turner’s hit ‘What’s love got to do with it?’ – My version being ‘what’s age got to do with it?’

I have thus, reached a conclusion that the right man for me is not yet born. However, just at the time I shut the door to my heart, Prince Charming came knocking. What can a Cinderella like me do other than to run off and meet her knight in shining armor  That was exactly what I did.

I went; I saw; but hey! Aren’t all Prince Charming supposed to be tall, handsome, and huh, slim-fitted? Hmm, I guess another pre-marital headache is about to knock me out; but the truth is, I don’t have any strength left to withstand its analytical pain. My best bet, I guess is to do as Jordin says ‘One step at a time……’ as I continue my waiting for Godot.

Plenty, plenty palava!

What do you think?


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